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PSP puts a protective hard
coat between your investment and the elements. Containing no abrasives or harsh cutting agents; PSP can be used to bring out the luster of paint, sparkle of chrome, seal vinyl tops, dashboards & windows. Auto-mobiles, Fiberglass Boats, Motorcycles, RV’s









   PSP Car Polish
 PSP Furniture Polish


• Shuts air off to the surface 
• Enhances Clean Coat
• Prolongs the Life of paint/finish 
• No Abrasives
• User-Friendly -
smear on, wipe off 
• No Smear Marks
• Apply to most cars in 30 minutes  
• Long Lasting
Advantages:  Sustains 15 car washes without affecting application
                        Applied to windows - will not affect tint
                          Works on your vinyl dash too!

Apply to:   Chrome • Glass • Tinted Windows • Mirrors • Grills
Inside:       Vinyl • Metal • Plastic • Door Panels • Mirrors
                   • All Hard Surfaces
Added Benefits:   • Future Cleanings are much easier!
                              • Bugs & Tar don’t stick so hard!




         PSP puts a hard coat between your investments and household wear and tear. With no build-up & containing no greasy oils or wax, PSP can be used to polish & seal wood, glass, appliances, countertops, chrome, tables, and even mirrors.

In one easy application you’ll feel and see the results!


      The Uses Are Endless!

PSP turns your home almost fingerprint & water spot free!





• Use on the Finest Furniture!
• Application of silicone
    - repels dust
    - protects finish
    - shuts off air to the surface
• Prolongs the Life of the Finish 
• No Fingerprints or Smear Marks

After just one usage, fingerprints are a thing of the past. Just one wipe with a dry cloth and fingerprints are gone.
Apply to: Shower stalls - soap scum won't stick
• sliding glass doors • countertops
                • sink • chrome • mirrors • brass
Added Benefits:  • Future Cleanings will be much easier!













                                            * do not apply to windshield

PSP Furniture Polish
PSP Car Polish