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Product Number Description Size Price Weight
13113-00101 Pina Colada Quart $12.95 2 lb
13113-00102 Orange Vanilla Quart $12.95 2 lb
13113-00103 Lemon Quart $12.95 2 lb
13113-00104 Bay Berry Quart $12.95 2 lb
13113-00105 Cherry Quart $12.95 2 lb
13113-00111 Pina Colada Gallon $29.95 8 lb
13113-00112 Orange Vanilla Gallon $29.95 8 lb
13113-00113 Lemon Gallon $29.95 8 lb
13113-00114 Bay Berry Gallon $29.95 8 lb
13113-00115 Cherry Gallon $29.95 8 lb
* Five Pleasant Scents to Choose from
* An Endless List of Household, Office &
   Automotive Uses
* An Advanced Formula Non-Toxic, has a
   Neutral PH, is Environmentally Friendly
* A concentrated formula which can be
   used full strength or diluted
* Repels dirt without using Teflon
* Color Safe; Brightens Colors
* Used on just about everything from
   Carpets, Floors, Upholstery, Laundry,
   Countertops, Windows, Car, Boat, RV,
   Pet Stains, Odors & More.
* Can be used in most Deep Cleaning   
   Machines and Commercial Equipment
Secret Potion
truly is an
Innovative Cleaning Solution!
PSP Car Polish puts a hard protective clean coat between your investment and the elements. Containing no abrasives or harsh cutting agents; PSP can be used to bring out the luster of paint, sparkle of chrome, seal vinyl tops, dashboards & windows.
Use on:  Auto-mobiles, Fiberglass Boats,
                 Motorcycles, Jet Ski's & RVís
Product Number Description Size Price Weight
13113-77727 Car Polish Quart $13.95 2 lb
PSP Furniture Polish puts a protective hard coat between your furniture and household wear and tear. With no build-up & containing no greasy oils or wax, PSP can be used to polish & seal the finest furniture, repels dust and turns your home fingerprint free.
Use on:  Wood, Glass, Mirrors, Appliances
                 Countertops, Chrome and Brass
Product Number Description Size Price Weight
13113-77737 Furniture Polish Quart $13.95 2 lb






 We Stand Behind Our Product! * Money Back Guarantee!
  * If you are not satisfied with Secret Potion, you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

















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