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Directions for Use:











1) Spray-mist on fabrics, counters, walls and 
     carpet spots.
2) Use brush to agitate or wipe with clean
3) Follow equipment directions for carpet and
     floor machines.
4) Use in well ventilated area.
*  Quickly Removes Most Stains and Odors on Carpet, Upholstery, Walls or almost
   any Surface.
*  Dilute with Water to Replace Most Common Cleaners.
*  Use in Carpet Cleaners to Lengthen Carpet Life.
*  Contains No Phosphates and is PH Balanced.
     - Leaves Fabrics and Carpet Clean and Soft, Not Stiff and Sticky.
*  Secret Potion is an Excellent Air Freshener.  Use in Car, Home or Office.
*  Strong Enough to Clean Most Stains But Gentle Enough to Allow Fabrics to Dry