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 Dilution  Chart 






          One Quart Makes 8 Gallons of All Purpose Cleaner
                        or 32 Gallons of Window Cleaner!






Windows  Spray Bottle  1 oz / gallon
 Windshield Wiper Reservoir  1 oz / gallon
Carpets  High Traffic Areas  2 oz / quart
 Carpet Cleaning Machines  2.5 oz / gallon
 Pet Stains  3 oz / quart
 Gum and Tar  Full Strength
Floors  Mop Water  2 oz / gallon
 Power Scrubbers  2.5 oz / gallon
Upholstery    Office / Home Interior  2 oz / quart
 Auto Interior  2 oz / quart
Multi-Purpose  Countertops  3 oz / quart
 Tile and Walls  3 oz / quart
Air Freshener  Home, Office, Auto  Full Strength
Laundry  Spot Treatment  3 oz / quart










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