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- Leaves No Sticky Residue
- Well Suited for High Traffic Areas
- Non Toxic - PH Balanced
- No Fading or Bleeding Colors
- Safe for All Fabrics and Carpets
Spot Treat Directly on Carpet
                or use in
   Carpet Cleaning Machine!

Approved By: Authorized Repair Technicians for Use in All Types of Deep Cleaning Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners!

















   No Risk! Money Back Guarantee!




1) Spray-Mist on Fabrics, Upholstery & Carpet Spots
2) Use Brush to Agitate or Wipe with Clean Cloth
3) Follow Makers Directions for Carpet Cleaning and Floor Machines
4) Consult Dilution Chart for Amount to Use for Each Item
- Use as a Spot Treatment or in the
- Removes Allergens like Dust Mites
   Pollen & Pet Dander
- Brightens Colors, won't Fade or
   Bleed, is Color Safe
- Use it Full Strength or Dilute
   According to Chart
- Deodorizes, Freshens, leaves a
   Pleasant Aroma
- Leaves No Residue
- Environmentally Safe


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